The three imposing buildings on the campus house its classrooms, lecture halls, dormitories, administrative offices, library, dining room and auditorium.

The majority of a student's day is spent the main study hall, containing an established library to allow quick reference while studying or for more in-depth research. Situated directly below the Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, students have the opportunity to study with these bochurim and have access to their extensive library containing all the basic tools for scholarship and research.

The new, beautifully furnished dormitories are located in the adjoining building to the main study hall. They allow a communal, chassidishe living environment in comfortable contemporary rooms. Due to an increase in applications our dormitories are being enlarged in the expansion project which will add another floor and expand the current floor.

There is a wealth of health and sports opportunities in and around the campus of the yeshiva. The gymnasium is where bochurim can be found, during their free time, playing basketball, roller hockey, etc. Outside in the extensive grounds, there are two volleyball courts, a baseball field, swimming pool, soccer pitch, basketball court, and a large athletics field for playing a variety of sports.

The town of Morristown is a harmonious blend of the advantages of city life and the tranquillity of suburban existence. There are a multitude of nature trails to be taken near the campus and cycling along these paths is a highly recommended exercise.