The Yeshiva's learning program for married students, Kollel Tiferes Avreichim, is a unique 18-month experience in which the intensive Jewish textual study and spiritual development of the Yeshiva can have a direct impact on the marriage and family life that the Kollel students are building outside the four walls of Yeshiva.

The small Chassidic community centred around the Yeshiva provides a supportive environment for the young couples and families while the husband's daily schedule of learning and prayer, together with the Yeshiva students and faculty, enriches their home environment and builds a solid foundation for a continuation of Jewish life.

Married students receive a monthly stipend and live in spacious two-bedroom apartments on Tikvah Way, a short drive or ten-minute scenic walk through the woods from Yeshiva, where they can share Shabbos meals with the Yeshiva faculty and their wives can participate in women's classes and study groups several times a week.

For a student of Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim or a similar Yeshiva, the Kollel provides a seamless transition to continue learning after marriage. For someone who has never been to Yeshiva, but is motivated and able to dedicate the time, the Kollel provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of discovery and growth.

Kollel students learn together with and attend the same classes as the unmarried Yeshiva students, with the addition of a weekly Kollel shiur on halachos and issues relevant to married students, taught by the Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Chaim Brafman. The Kollel schedule follows the Yeshiva schedule, with the exception of night seder, which leaves the student free to spend the evening at home.

For more information, contact Rabbi Yisroel Gordon at (973) 267-9404 or Rabbi Chaim Brafman at (973) 267-8005.

Women's Shiurim

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Rabbi Zalman Dubinsky
December 30, 2002
25 Teves, 5763

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Rabbi Zalman Dubinsky
December 30, 2002
25 Teves, 5763

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Rabbi Yisroel Gordon
January 12, 2003
10 Shevat, 5763

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Rabbi Moshe Herson
March 03, 2003
29 Adar 1, 5763